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Engineering Expertise to Explore

Our historical background in electrochemistry and physic drives our core capabilities in instrumentation.

All our instruments and the technologies behind them are used by our engineers as building blocks for customized solutions.

We are integrating them and adding specifics such as mechanical apparatus, sensors and recorders to get the most meaningful data.
Including parts like

  • Potentiostat/galvanostats
  • Power boosters to 100 KW range
  • Time-domain and Frequency domain Response Analysers
  • Impedance meters on test specimen or in vivo
  • Sample holders for wide temperature range (-200°C / 1700°C)
  • Multiplexed data acquisition systems
  • Controlled environments in temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Environmental chambers
  • Video recording and image threatment

allow our solutions to complete fulfill the most demanding test specifications in both research and industry fields.

We understand that software customization is an important part of the systems. Our real-time graphics of selected measures, multi-parameters plotting, large data set processing and redundant data storage capability are key to put our powerful hardware under full control with ease of use and meaningful results.

Contact our engineering team for an evaluation of your unique test set.